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👋👋Beginner here! Help required with emacs setup for 'Brave Clojure'. I'm currently stuck at installing cider. Posted the details about my problem here: Please help:slightly_smiling_face:

Zac Bir03:09:44

Heya, if it’s a recent emacs, I had to add this to the top of my .emacs:


where should I put this line?


I don't even see cider in list-packages

Zac Bir03:09:42

I can’t imagine you’ll need to explicitly add the elpa packages, but if so: (add-to-list 'package-archives '("elpa" . ""))

Zac Bir03:09:19

I put both in my .emacs:


where should I add the (setq gnutls...) line in .emacs?

Zac Bir03:09:40

I put it right at the top


on top of everything?

Zac Bir03:09:38

Sure. It’s the first line in my .emacs


ok. trying it out!


not working:unamused:


I refreshed the packages and restarted emacs


If you don't mind, can we do a little video call, where I can share my screen and we can fix it?


it will be like 5 minutes


Please join

Lucas Barbosa12:09:06

That is fixed in Emacs 26.3, isn't it?

Zac Bir15:09:15

Possibly. I’m on 26.2 and needed to do it

Lucas Barbosa18:09:15

I also had that problem. Updated to 26.3 and removed that line from my config file, seems to work!

Zac Bir03:09:35

Otherwise, it can’t find the elpa packages, which contains upstream packages that cider relies on.

Zac Bir03:09:50

Will answer there as well

Zac Bir04:09:40

Seems not to have helped much 😕 Might be due to version (you’re using 25.x, I’m on 26.x). Hopefully someone else might be able to shed some light 😞