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Hello, so what's a typical setup/stack for a clojure webapp that uses Datomic Cloud/Ions to exposes an API to the web ?


As far as tooling for managing routes & request handlers, the most popular are probably Ring, Compojure (built on Ring) & Pedestal. The ions starter ( uses Ring directly. Here’s an example with Pedestal ( Ring/Compojure use middleware for common code, and pedestal uses an interceptor stack.


Cool! the pedestal sample README answers many of my questions, thanks a lot!

Adrian Smith21:09:12

In my local repl calls to (ion/get-params) return nil, is there a way to provide details that I suspect in live would exist?

Adrian Smith21:09:54

(because I've put them in AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store)

Adrian Smith09:09:42

(ion/get-params) from datomic.ion namespace


you should be able to fetch params locally. is your local environment configured with AWS credentials that allow GetParametersByPath ?

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Adrian Smith16:09:26

ah that's good to know, I've got some things I can double check tonight