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Joe Campbell09:05:04

👋 Hey Everybody, we're growing our engineering team at Griffin! We're a new Banking as a Service provider (think AWS for financial services) currently seeking authorisation to become a fully regulated bank, so that we can provide safeguarding and client money bank accounts to our customers. We believe that in the future, most financial innovation will happen outside banks rather than inside them, and Griffin will be the platform that all future fintechs use rather than the boring big banks. Our open roles: And a bit more about us: We're looking for thoughtful people who strive to be kind in their words and actions. As product designers, we are always looking for ways to simplify complex things and we take security very seriously. As a financial institution, we believe that our customers' trust is our single most valuable asset and we will go above and beyond to earn and keep it. Our backend stack is Clojure, Kafka, Datomic, Kubernetes, CircleCI and AWS Our frontend stack is CLJS, Reframe, Reagent, React, Stitches, Storybook and Playroom We have an office in London but our team are distributed throughout the UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Portugal.

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Henry Bart23:05:18

Interested in saving the planet 🌏♻️ ? Spatial Informatics Group is hiring a remote Full Stack Web Developer! We’re searching for someone with Clojure experience to create, deploy, and maintain high-impact science-sharing web applications, such as environmental simulation models, spatial data distribution platforms, or offline UIs for scientific analyses. • Company name: Full Stack Web Developer • Contract type: Permanent • Location: Remote, United States compatible time zone • Link: Skills: (3) years experience developing web applications, Clojure/Clojurescript or other Lisp dialect (e.g., Scheme, Common Lisp), web mapping using OpenLayers or Mapbox, geospatial processing using PostGIS, GeoTools, and/or GDAL/OGR, SQL DB programming in Postgresql and PostGIS, functional reactive UI development using ReactJS and/or Reagent. • Apply: Apply by sending CV to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> • Company Description: Join an environmental think tank focused on solving complex environmental problems and taking unique solutions to market. Our group combines spatial analytics with ecological, social and economic sciences to understand and quantify the impacts of management and policy choices on the short and long-term stability of ecosystems.

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spoke with someone at SIG, sounds like they do very interesting work, especially if you’re into applied R&D 🙂