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Just pushed up the first release of re-frame subscriptions as a standalone library (with some modifications) My original motivation was integrating subscriptions with fulcro, but then realized I could quite easily support arbitrary data sources and UI sinks. There is a sample react hook which should make using any react based rendering library very quick to integrate. Haven't used these yet on any projects (I intend to), but I wanted to get this out so I can focus on some other work and see if any interesting uses come up from others! (Obviously goes without saying - thank you to Mike Thompson and contributors to re-frame and thanks Dan Holmsand for reagent 😄 ) Enjoy!

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)12:05:58

Nice! It's there a demo of using it with #fulcro? Update: I it is :-) ❤️


ya! I'm interested to hear how they work for you. (I am also working on fulcro components to automatic reg-sub calls,.. that will allow you to use subscriptions with fulcro components without writing any reg-subs yourself 😄 ... will ping this channel when it's cleaned up)

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)15:05:57

I will be happy to try this when I stumble upon a good use case :)


I spent some time yesterday updating the two specialised lists of Clojure resources that I maintain: • In my opinion these two areas in particular comprise the strongest parts of the Clojure ecosystem. PRs are always welcome if you are working in or just interested in these areas! The point is simply to collect all of the currently maintained or mature/done pieces of software in one place, along with articles and other relevant content.

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Ivar Refsdal15:05:21

Thank you for adding (some) of my repos! ❤️ 🧡 💛 I've also written: Simplified writing of Datomic schemas. Fast pagination of vectors and maps with Clojure for GraphQL. I've never really announced, but it has worked fine at my company (for handling GDPR requirements). I also haven't announced, just finished it, probably will do it tomorrow or so. It works fine in unit tests, and I feel that I got the API "right". Other libs: I also think should/could be included: Solution to N+1 problem in Lacinia. I haven't used it myself, but it seems very helpful. CC @U47G49KHQ I also know some people like, personally I haven't had a particular use for it. If there is some special debug case with prod data, it could certainly be useful though. CC @U06GS6P1N Thanks again.

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If you take a second look at the page, you will notice that I have actually already added all of the libraries of yours that you have suggested here except for datomic-schema 😉 I’ll take a look at your other suggestions later today and see where they fit.


(you seem to make so many Datomic support libs that you almost deserve your own category)

Ivar Refsdal17:05:47

Oh I see, thank you for your kind words 😊💚


Thanks for mentioning Datomock @UGJE0MM0W 🙂 I think people use it mostly for testing and staging environments. That being said, @U4P4NREBY, I won't insist on Datomock being included on this list: while it can be useful in Datomic project, its benefits are orthogonal to the graphical semantics of Datomic.


I have updated the list now.


New version of, a durable job queuing and worker system for Clojure backed by PostgreSQL: • Added on-polling-error option for custom handling of exceptions when polling. • Added failed-job-fnoption - get notified when a job has finally failed after retries. • Added support for enqueuing jobs in the future. Enjoy! Follow-up in #proletarian.

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Ivar Refsdal10:05:10

I'm pleased to announce, a library that rewrites regular Clojure namespaces to Datomic function literals that can run on the transactor.

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Ivar Refsdal10:05:03

Yes it uses clj-rewrite @UE21H2HHD Thanks! (v0 so far)


Cool! I'll get to that fix for you soon so you can move to v1. And then I'll add your lib to our canary tests!

Ivar Refsdal11:05:25

Thanks 🙂 It also uses build.edn, worked perfectly, thanks @UBL24PLE6


Wow, thank you!

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