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Gonna be a bunch of Clojure devs coming onto the market

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Martynas M13:05:37

If I look for text I find only one "Senior software engineer" and 8 of "software engineer" (so 7 because it's including the senior one). And there are 307 rows.


Including "Engineer", "Web Engineer", "full-stack engineer" I count about 20, and less than half of all people fired have filled out the form. I also think it's not unlikely that non-engineering roles are more likely to fill this out than engineering role. In a small hiring pool like Clojure 40 experienced people coming onto the market at once is significant.


Thanks for sharing this @U07FP7QJ0.


But not all their engineers are Clojure?


Don't know about that, I know they do Clojure but don't know any details.


Layoffs or not, a mass leaving of FP gentlenerds was likely. I heard through the grapevine that their new CTO has mandated JAVA for all the things (including replacing existing Clojure and Haskell projects). Erlang is apparently around mainly in core legacy systems. Ironically, this has been done because it is apparently easier to hire for JAVA. Go figure...

Martynas M08:06:44

@U051MHSEK So will they rehire Java guys? Was this what you meant? Because then "easier to hire" may also mean "cheaper to hire". And if it's tough financially that may be one of the decisions. But then I don't understand why they needed to sack so many people. But then they probably kept a lot and if they will simply rehire junior and cheap Java devs then it makes sense.


> will they rehire Java guys Well, I heard the story a couple of months ago. So that would be uncorrelated with current layoffs, which seem to be presaging a bear market. The "henceforth it's all JAVA" move was apparently geared toward Rapid Team Expansion For Ambitious New Plans or something.


(P.S. Standard warnings about hearsay apply, but it may be easy to corroborate with someone from that list.)

Martynas M18:06:36

I think that the Java argument is bogus. Why would then need to sack that many people at once... Because if they would do the Java transition over time then they wouldn't need to pay the people (assuming they were paid by regular work agreement and not as freelancers). Also new Java devs would get training from those same Clojure guys. For me it doesn't make much sense and Java argument is a decoy.


Not knowing anything about this situation, I could see Java being a legit contributing issue. Imagine the intent to transition to Java has been signaled. Meanwhile, company hits hard times, needs to reduce force, and asks for volunteers to quit before initiating mandatory layoffs. If I were a Clojure dev in that situation, I’d likely take the opportunity to jump ship, especially if there was an incentive.

Martynas M18:06:15

They didn't sack themselves. The company sacked 700 ppl. This is not "clojure developer revolt against a company", this is them trying to get back up and find a job.