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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)10:05:41

Aleph 0.5.0-rc1 is available. It comes with many, many bugfixes, see the change log for more. There probably won’t be any new features before releasing 0.5.0, other than adding better support for Netty’s custom ThreadLocal Threads by updating to the latest Manifold version.

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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)14:05:08

Hey. @arnaudgeiser was working on oleksii’s old error handling branch, he might have some thoughts. That being said, 0.5.0 has a bunch of stuff already, and I prefer smaller releases, so maybe for 0.5.1.

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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)14:05:25

One knock against that specific PR is, it changes the signature of public fns in non-backwards-compatible ways. It's probably past time to make a 1-arity map version of many of these fns, to better support new options.

Arnaud Geiser17:05:11

Hi @delaguardo! We already brought back some changes from the old error handling branch. Maybe the next step would be to tackle the error-handler (or error-logger ) as it's unlikely we'll ever merge the old error handling branch at once. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to spend on it during the two following weeks but that's definitely something we can prioritize on the next Aleph version (0.5.1).