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Hi guys. In some teams, we do “Show your work” as the book from Austin Kleon. So people can share not only what they’ve worked on, but also what inspired them & what they think about… not “share your success” thing, but more “share what inspires & pushes you”.


yeah, stuff you find fun, interesting. especially if I can see the process of how the work happens


I am up for something like that anytime


now I have to check out who Austin Kleon is:)


Any interest in attending London Clojurians in-person social/speaker events in London if they were organised? Thumbs up to this thread if you would want to attend in-person. Currently the uSwitch dojo is running in-person, but the main stream of London Clojurians talks will remain online for the foreseeable future. Also let me know if you want to help organise such events or have constructive views on what events should be held in-person Thank you.

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I’d like to see the talks streamed regardless, with participation by remote people possible. Remote first gets my vote. 🙏


In-person talks would always be in addition to what is currently running online, assuming any in-person events are actually organised. This is just to see if there is enough interest... which so far doesnt seem to be the case.

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@U05254DQM I could be tempted but have a pooch to think about, and have a friend who's just had a severe case of COVID after a relatively safe company gathering (employees were tested and she's fully vaccinated). I miss the face-to-face meet-ups from a few years ago for sure but have really loved the online events of late. I almost don't feel like I'm missing out, and it's better for my health and the environment doing this stuff virtually.


I wonder if a poll of what people miss could improve the virtual events and potentially define what can't be done virtually.


Just thinking out loud here. Forgive me.


All valid points and thank you for sharing. Having suffered from Covid myself throughout the majority of 2021 and this year I have no desire myself. I think the online talks have far outshined what was achieved with in-person talks before the pandemic.


I'll raise the idea of a poll with the other organisers and let them drive that. For the rest of 2022, I assume the only regular in-person event will be the uSwitch dojo. There may be a few one-off talks or a special event like ClojureBridge London. Unless anyone wants to do more, in which case let me or the London Clojurians organisers know

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COVID has hit some fields really hard (ballroom dancing anyone?), when it's so easy to go remote in our field we really have no excuse to put people at risk.