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Paul Holser03:05:02

Hi folks, Paul here from Texas, USA. I have a ton pf programming experience and until about six months ago had mostly been piddling around at the perimeter of the functional programming world. Looking for a fresh start, I landed a Clojure gig, and have been overjoyed working with Clojure for my day gig. Looking forward to many more years of programming fun and profit with Clojure.

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Paola Reyes21:05:57

Hi, this is Paola from Mexico, I’m a software engineer and I chose Clojure to work with as my second functional programming language after elixir, I’m so glad I came to this community and that's it… let's have fun :the_horns:

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César Olea22:05:01

Hola paisana! Nice to see the Mexican community growing.