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Matt Phillips04:05:27

Hello all. I’m a co-founder of Orange Owl, a startup company based in Adelaide, Australia. We’re developing, a world-leading SAAS application that helps staff consistently get the best results, stay safe, identify/track/fix problems, all while monitoring this in real-time across their business locations. We’re all-in on Clojure: our backend is Clojure, our web frontend is ClojureScript (Reagent/React based), and we’re looking for someone who loves Clojure as much as us to join our team as we expand. If you’re in Australia, and this sounds interesting, please check out the job posting at


Hi Matt, any chance to work remote from New Zealand?

Matt Phillips04:05:23

Hello. I think we’d be open to it in principle. But the we’d have to look into the admin (tax, etc) side of it: haven’t had any experience with that as yet.