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As far as I can tell the only thing in the way of native binary for Datahike is the simple-supervisor inside of superv.async


Hi, what is the problem with the simple-supervisor? Does it fail to compile with it?


Guess I am not much of a help here but interested in the problem...


Unable to compile the GraalVM native image because of an issue. There is more detailed discussion here.


Even though it won't be as fast as it can be. Perhaps we can tell it to initialise the class at run-time.

Björn Ebbinghaus17:05:33

I exported my 0.4 database and imported it in 0.5 with datahike/migrate Now I get following expection, whenever I call d/history:

Execution error (IllegalArgumentException) at hitchhiker.tree.op/eval11140$fn$G (op.cljc:8).
No implementation of method: :-affects-key of protocol: #'hitchhiker.tree.op/IOperation found for class: incognito.base.IncognitoTaggedLiteral
The same exception comes up, when I try to use wanderung to migrate from the new 0.5 database to another 0.5 database, with the same configs (except path).


Hmm, sorry to hear that. I know @UB95JRKM3 was working on migration a lot. Unfortunately I can't help a lot here. Right now he is on holiday as well as @UQVCR784A. I guess the best thing to do is to open an issue on Github.