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Several of the VS Code keybindings have suddenly changed or stopped working. Eg Cmd-1 used to switch to the first file tab but now is set to Focus First Editor group. Any ideas on how to change them back?


The keybinding editor should work for this. cmd+k cmd+s.


The issue is that the multiple keybinding have changed in a bulk. I will have to reassign all the bindings. Also need to understand why it's happened to prevent it from happening again. Eg Cmd+2 used to switch to the second tab, but now it splits the editor in two, which is driving me mad...


Someone might have published a keybindings.json restoring the old bindings. You are not the first one I hear is unhappy with the changes. As for why it happened, I think they changed their mind about what is good defaults, and took a decision. Disruptive, yes, but also sometimes necessary if you have vision for how the product should work.


I haven't find a way yet to toggle it back or to reassign to the behaviour. What's the way to go back to my previous version?


There are download links on their release notes:


There seems to be an issue with the keyboard layout or smth similar. For instance lots of standard Cmd+keycombo bindings have changed to Ctrl+keybcombo. Or another way around too. I find it weird that VS code devs would have done this breaking change, perhaps I have inadvertently changed some layout in the VS Code settings.


Sounds a bit like VS Code somehow thinks it's being run on Linux or Windows...


I thought that too. But even on windows in a terminal I'd expect Ctrl-r to do the reverse look up, not to open some 'recent files' : )


It has always opened recent files for me. Unless the terminal is active.


Right, but when it's active it should not have changed