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onetom12:05:45;cid=CCY2V0U6A is this still an issue, that i don't get profiling information, if i just use kaocha.repl/run?


i see, i should have searched for kaocha.repl/run, but i only search the issues for profiling. sorry for the noise and thanks for the quick response!


no worries, this is also on the kaocha-cloverage repo, I guess you were looking at the Kaocha repo? Probably not unfixable, but I don't expect it to be trivial either. Cloverage does some pretty special things, it's gonna take some figuring out how best to do this. Currently not super high on our priority list.


Cloverage works by implementing its own loading-and-instrumenting logic, so it has to reload all your namespaces anyway.


yes, that too, i was just searching on the lambdaisland/kaocha repo. we are not using cloverage. tried it on a former project, but it didn't bring enough benefits. or any benefits really.


but at least it complicated and slowed down the testing feedback loop 😉


I ran into this implementing polylith-kaocha and ended up copying what kaocha's own -X entry point does:


so I guess if one doesn't insist on using repl/run, it's doable