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Jody hilton (spammer)18:01:00

I’m looking for 10 Full-Time clojure developers 100% remote salary $210k unlimited PTO amazing benefits. Do you know any that would be interested in this position? Thanks for your Help! Thanks for getting back with me, the company is a large software integrator that works with very large lending & Mortgage companies here is the Job Details I can give more details if you’re interested in interviewing with them? 3 years software development Strong communications written/oral Performance troubleshooting/tuning 1-year distributed application/architectures Produce efficient/clean code Clojure, CI or CD, Development Linux platform, IaaS, AWS a plus, SOA & REST 100% Remote Salary up to $210K, Unlimited PTO, 401K, Super Great Benefits.

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Hi @U02V4K8DK7X is this only US-remote or can non US people apply as well. And there is also #remote-jobs in case you hadn't seen it already

Jody hilton (spammer)17:01:06

non US people apply as well - Yes

Muhammad Hamza Chippa18:01:00

Jordy Hilton I have sent you my resume in inbox, have a a look at it