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I don't understand this error message on my deps.edn file in Calva:


Are you sure that comes from Calva? I don't recognize it... Do you have some other Clojure extension active maybe?

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Fwiw that looks like an error you might get if you use a JSON parser to read an edn file

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Something must have gone wrong with VSCode. A reload seem to have resolved the issue so far. Thanks


This with VS Code needing reloads is happening all too often. I've suspected that it really is VS Code and not Calva a while, and this datapoint surely seems to support that. Not saying it can't be Calva, but the errors are so strange and the clues so few...


Did clj-kondo go away? Or is it no longer reported in the startup messages? I see this:

Calva is utilizing cider-nrepl and clojure-lsp to create this VS Code experience.
  nREPL dependencies configured:
    nrepl: 0.9.0
    cider-nrepl: 0.27.4
    cider/piggieback: 0.5.3
  clojure-lsp version configured: latest

If you are new to Calva, please consider starting with the command:
  **Calva: Fire up the Getting Started REPL**
on a fresh project.


Eh, it’s probably still there, I see this message in the language client communication:

[Trace - 6:41:41 PM] Received notification 'textDocument/publishDiagnostics'.
Params: {
    "uri": "file:///private/tmp/macro_test/src/macro_test/core.clj",
    "diagnostics": [
            "range": {
                "start": {
                    "line": 12,
                    "character": 13
                "end": {
                    "line": 12,
                    "character": 20
            "severity": 1,
            "code": "not-a-function",
            "source": "clj-kondo",
            "message": "a number is not a function",
            "tags": []


Clojure-lsp relies a lot on clj-kondo, not just for linting, but for analysis to know a lot of features