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To get better DX, I added some development-time helpers to malli. Sadly, this has a big cost on starting the REPL: I takes now 7secs with my new Macbook to load all the stuff just for this one lib. With manual pre-compilation described in, it takes less than 500ms, which is ok. Could the client-side precompilation of dependencies be a default feature in Clojure? or clj tooling? I recall hearing that this was under investigation at some point.

Ben Sless14:01:45

Can you point to the culprits? We can do some start up time profiling

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:01:36

Still an active idea. I've prototyped variants if this in both the compiler and as part of the CLI (kind of automating what you did). Lots of tricky edges.


did not check culprits, core lib is 1.6sec, but for dev, there is fipp, test.check, most malli namespaces etc.


thanks Alex, hopefully you'll find a working solution for this in the future