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Jacob O'Bryant02:01:32

I've been rewriting the template project and redoing the Biff library code as I go: It's in a state where you can run it if anyone feels like poking around. Note that it's on the dev branch. See for the library code (that file is the public interface). Previously the template project was written in a bunch of almost-clojure files which were rendered with Selmer when you started a new project. I found this was a pain for me since every time I wanted to change it I had to generate a new project, make changes and test, propagate changes back to the template project, then generate a new project and test again to make sure I didn't screw anything up while copying the new code over. So now it's more of an example project than a template project. This also means you don't have to create a new project to try it out, just clone and follow the setup directions in the readme. Once the example project is done I'll figure out what to do for new project creation (just tell people to change the namespaces manually? automate it with a script? make a minimal/skeleton template project that doesn't need to be changed as often as the example project?) Also I'm moving back to Tailwind from Girouette. Nice thing about Girouette is it's pure clojure, but (1) it's not a drop-in replacement for Tailwind; there are small differences in some classes, (2) Tailwind is mainstream, (3) now tailwind has a standalone binary so it can be used without npm 🎉 .

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