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[metosin/malli "0.8.0"] is out! #malli is a data-driven data specification library for Clojure/Script. Changes since 0.7.0: • Development-time tools work now with ClojureScript 🥳 • Clj-kondo can load user-defined malli type configs automatically • ! defaults to use the pretty printer • Support for Plumatic-style inline schema-definitions via malli.experimental/defnmalli.destructure for parsing and unparsing Clojure (1.11) destructuring forms • malli.destructure/infer to infer function schemas from Function Var arglists • Expound-style pretty printing of validation errors via .pretty/explainmalli.provider can infer :tuple, :map-of, :enum & any simple schema via transformers • BREAKING: local registries are stored as identity, not as form • New options to define transformers via schema properties • Small fixes and improvements Big thanks to all contributors, and to Clojurists Together for sponsoring the development.

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what changed in 1.11 destructuing?


In Malli, option to pass in map is basically [:alt [:map ..keys..] [:cat [:*]]].


Portal is now out! With this release, you can now specify a `:value` for portal to open. In the case of static data, portal behaves as it did previously. With atoms, it will automatically deref and update the UI when the atom changes. This new feature with the hiccup viewer make it very easy to throw together live development dashboards. Also, special thanks to for all the awesome contributions in this release!

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Is an example of how I've been using the open feature to debug portal with portal 💯