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Hey! If you were to write a bit of Scheme, what would you use? Is there something like CIDER for scheme? Realizing that "Scheme" might be vague. I'm spending some time with, and I'd like to fire up a REPL and work with code samples -- like I'd do with Clojure.


I guess I'm asking both for scheme implementations, and options for REPL-connected editor. I installed Chicken Scheme, and book examples seem like they are working.


I use Conjure for neovim and I think it can work with Scheme now:

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Ben Sless19:01:11

Dr Racket or geiser if it isn't broken

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Thanks! I really didn't think about racket, but that might just work. I think the book authors made an effort to avoid using obscure language features.

Ben Sless19:01:05

And Racket contains an implementation of R5 scheme

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You could also ask on the functional programming Slack or the Racket Slack.

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The authors recommend MIT/GNU Scheme quite explicitly in the appendix. So that's the answer if full compatibility is required.