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George Elliott15:11:32

Hey all, new to this channel. I'm company is currently partnered with a digital bank with a head office in London, through our journey together so far have raised nearly £40 million. Hiring Senior Clojure engineers - £90-100k base salaries with a generous equity package, fully remote. Can also help with visas but engineers need to be based in the UK. Tech stack consists of - Clojure, AWS, React Native, Kafka, Terraform, Docker. Please feel free to message if you are currently in the market for a new challenge or wanted to have a chat :) Thanks, George

Heather Clubhouse SW17:11:28

Hey Everyone! Shortcut (previously Clubhouse) is looking for Remote Backend Engineers. You will be working in Clojure but, Clojure experience IS NOT REQUIRED. We are looking for passionate Engineers within Canada and the US that have the desire to work in Clojure on a close, collaborative team and in a culture empowering growth and opportunity. You probably want to know: (previously is a project management tool for developers. of the 'best software developer tools' that has a good description of us. • We were founded in 2014, have raised over $16M, and have about 70 employees. • We have awesome benefits, and salary will probably come in at about $140-$175k. Send your resume to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> and we'll set up an initial interview!

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