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Drew Verlee00:11:55

here are my LSP completion group vars. First thing i noticed was that my lsp-completion provider value is t as where the docs here suggest the default is capf

Drew Verlee00:11:00

i'm guessing thats relevent 🙂

Drew Verlee00:11:54

apprently auto complete works in some namespaces, for some required namespaces.


I do experience some intermittent issues with LSP and completion, although I only really notice it for snippets. I'll try find some time to create a code repo with reproducible issues and raise it as a bug on the Spacemacs GitHub repo. It would be useful to try reproduce issues with just LSP running and then LSP and a repl process running to see if there are differences

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Drew Verlee03:11:30

completion works on a smaller project for me.

Drew Verlee23:11:45

completion is just as random and spotty on doom.

Drew Verlee23:11:06

I tried like 5 namespacs and sometimes things compelted, sometimes they didnt. Sometimes if i change the alias they would work. Sometimes if i used the fully qualified ns it worked.