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r.e. resolve-as and subscriptions --- fixing this correctly involved changes to lacinia and lacinia-pedestal. Also I found a case where a streamer that passes a value and then nil to the stream function, the response channel is closed before the first value’s response is sent to the client (this is the kind of thing that happens when you (resolve-as nil {:message "…"}).

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Thanks! I'll be sure to check it out today and report back.


I removed our workarounds and everything seems to be working 👌:skin-tone-2:. Thanks the quick fixes 🙂


New alphas of lacinia and lacinia-pedestal with the above changes; also I added a simple parsed query cache to lacinia-pedestal, based on the one we use at Walmart.


Cool! I also noticed you fixed a bug in lacina-pedestal which could close subscriptions while queries are still running