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I’ve released Fulcro RAD 1.1.0-RC3 (and fulcro-rad-datomic 1.1.0-RC1, and fulcro-rad-sql-0.0.6-alpha). These new versions remove hard dependencies on Pathom 2, but allow you to explicitly require either Pathom 2 or the new Pathom 3 library (which has a new package/architecture). A new version of the demo application is on the pathom3 branch of the fulcro-rad-demo repository ( Note, the SQL side of the demo is not finished/tested. You will have to make sure you have an explicit require of Pathom 2 if you upgrade a current app (which you should have had already(, but there should be no breakage in the pre-existing pathom namespace. There is a new pathom3 namespace that has the code for integrating with the newer version.

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New version of remote-repl — 1.2.12 Remote REPL is a REPL that sends input to another REPL over the network and prints results back, a.k.a. REPL client. This version changes behavior of :reconnect true option to always reconnect (instead of reconnecting only on network errors). It also makes it easier to install remote REPL as a clj tool (i.e. clj -Tremote-repl repl :port ...)

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