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Another FSM iteration release of Internal FSM experiments are now logging deprecation warnings pointing at


And another release of, now better supporting cleanup and restart via re-statecharts.


By the way, does anyone know where to put info in deps.edn to get a link to github on clojars page?


I assume you have to add something into the pom.xml. but ask in the #tools-deps channel probably


ah, that’s excellent input. I probably need to pass something to the pom task of the build system


clj-http-lite 0.4.384 was just released, closing out several issues and PRs. A lite version of clj-http that uses the JRE's HttpURLConnection • Support self-signed certificates via `:insecure? true` option • Remove dependency on slingshot • Move to `org.clj-commons` group • Add compatibility with

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Karol Wójcik12:12:09

@U04V15CAJ what do you think about adding a JSON encode/decode built in support?


It's clj-http-lite. It was specifically designed not to take on any dependencies.

Karol Wójcik12:12:17

But it can be an optional dependency. Compatible with bb/graalvm/clojure

Karol Wójcik12:12:00

The json decoding/encoding would be handled via :as property and the additional libraries would be "scope" "provided".


Just write (-> :body json/parse) . I don't think that this is important enough to add the conditional loading of JSON libs for.