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Jared Kristensen03:11:55

We are looking for more Clojure Engineers at Audience Republic! We will consider any location, more information here:


"What is your current salary?" field is still required. My previous comment pointing it out was deleted...:)

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Hey all, Moblox is looking for a senior Clojure dev: The Company: Moblox is an exciting start-up that will help owner-led businesses to embrace the technology and tools they need to succeed. To help us with this mission, we are looking to hire a programmer to join our small technical team. Moblox is an equal opportunities employer. We value diversity and seek to provide all staff with the opportunities for career and personal development. The Job: Initially, you will be working on our backend system, creating a graphql system (using Lacinia and Pedestal) to feed data into our web and mobile backends. Part of the data will be retrieved from third party systems, some of which will require calling into SOAP endpoints and other HTTP endpoints. The rest will be held within AWS (for which we are using Cognitect’s AWS libraries) We are looking for UK-based employees, so you will need to have the legal right to live and work in the UK to be considered for this role.  How we work: We adhere to certain working practices that promote agility and collaboration. We use a continuous deployment system, within a trunk-based development branching strategy, supported by the use of Feature Flags (to separate deployment from release). Remote pair-programming will be part of your daily work (though never 100% of the day), we generally employ a test-driven development (TDD) approach and we want to develop a ‘DevOps culture’, based upon collaboration and shared responsibility for the complete delivery. We expect to meet at least once a week in our London office (which offers step-free access). Technology: We use AWS, Terraform, Clojure (with Lacinia and Pedestal), TS (with NextJS) for the frontend, Python (for infrastructure and glue currently), Github, CircleCI What we expect from you: Whilst we expect sound knowledge of Clojure with demonstrable experience, we believe that professionalism and good communication are paramount (particularly given the predominantly remote nature of the position). We expect a willingness to learn and the desire to create great software. We look for sound reasoning, proactive participation and collaborative knowledge sharing. If you feel that you are a good candidate for this role, please send your application by email to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> and include your CV with a covering letter (or DM if you have questions)

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Rachel Westmacott14:11:10

Come and work at Strategic Blue!  We’re a self-managed 8-person development team in a growing FinTech startup with a flat structure. We work primarily remotely, with an aim to occasionally meet up in our London office. We operate in a environment where everyone is supported to do their best work. We pair extensively but not exclusively to ensure developer happiness and understanding. We value continuous improvement and agility and offer frequent 360° feedback opportunities both as a team and individually. We offer weekly dedicated developer learning time and a technical book club as well as financial bonuses for passing relevant exams. Occasionally we have lightning talk sessions and baked goods. We’re open-minded about choosing the right tools for the job. Currently this includes Git, Clojure(Script), AWS (primarily: S3, Fargate, RDS, CloudFormation) More:

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