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Data Engineering with Clojure, @ Trainline - London. Permanent onsite role. (We do sponsor visas + support in relocation) Let me know if interested, I think we have a really exciting proposition here.

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Hi all.. uSwitch is hiring. We are long time supporters of the London clojure scene, supporters of the open source community and have been using Clojure for almost a decade. We have continuous delivery down and focus on shipping value to our customers. So if you would like to work with us please get in touch, feel free to email me on <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> or DM me on slack (however I've very bad a slack :) Feel free to check us out

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hi all, I'm looking for new full-time opportunities to build cool stuff with Clojure starting this September. I've been using Clojure as my primary language for five years now, building data pipelines with Kafka, RabbitMQ, and AWS stack. I'm located in Riga, Latvia (UTC+2), so mainly looking for remote gigs. If you or someone you know has open positions, let's chat!


@U0CKR20TW you can also post this message in #remote-jobs Wdyt?


@U0CKR20TW Where are you located?

Sawan Shah18:06:11

Contract Clojure Dev required ASAP for company in London. please email <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> for more details

Sawan Shah18:06:26

Remote work available

Frank Lai18:06:33

Hi everyone, I’m looking for some opportunities for junior positions doing Clojure. I’m a new grad and have had experience doing Racket and Clojure. I’d love to chat if you know about any open junior positions ! There’s some of my work here: