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Keep getting ‘:cause background image must be the same size as your application’ but image matches size?


created a data folder in the same folder as my draw.clj


I recognize having problems with this, but can’t for the life of me recall what it was about…


Do you know how I can get the height and width of an image?

Eric Ervin22:06:35

In Windows Explorer, I sometimes add a Dimensions column to my list of images. I usually resize an image in The Gimp and see the size of it there.

Eric Ervin23:06:02

I found an example where I measure an image in quil. I think it's java interop.

(defn setup []
  (q/frame-rate 12)
  (let [img  (q/load-image "/resources/img-a.jpg")]
    (println (str (.width img) " " (.height img)))))