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@martinklepsch I happened to notice that one of my next.jdbc namespaces doesn't make it into the nav tree on the left (because it has no vars) -- I wondered if there was an option in cljdoc via metadata to force inclusion of a namespace?


The decision of not showing "empty" namespaces in the navigation was made ad-hoc and could be revisited. Do you have any thoughts on that general decision? @seancorfield


@seancorfield you can preview cljdoc docs on your own machine (e.g. via Docker): this prevented surprises before I deployed my libs a few times


@borkdude yeah, no surprises. I was just curious about the decision.

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@martinklepsch it's a perfectly reasonable default. A metadata option on the ns to override it would be nice. Not a big deal. I definitely think "empty" namespaces are an edge case.


I’m also curious why you would want a namespace without vars to be documented. what is the reason for its existence?


@borkdude It has implementations of protocols so it's "important" from that point of view but the only docstring in it, I think, is on the ns itself.


(it also contains a bunch of private vars and functions that support those implementations)


makes sense