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After 5 years freelancing I’m considering taking on a full-time job again. What companies do you know of that are using Clojure and who are great to work for? I live in Perth, Western Australia which is on the other side of the world to most places. So I’d have to be fully remote and mostly async (no 3am meetings). Are most Clojure teams remote these days, or do they situate themselves in the major cities?


I'm US based and work with a developer in same time zone as yours but he is a night owl so the "async" part (wouldn't work for what we're doing) isn't an issue. You might scroll through the posts in #remote-jobs and DM some folks about still-open positions in the US to see if the async part would be a limitation. Have to believe that some of the larger US startups using Clojure have work that needs to get done and doesn't require round the clock accessibility. Some are well funded and may even have other remote workers in your time zone.

Hugh Powell01:09:02

Hi @U1QQJJK89, the Qantas Hotels and Holidays team are looking for a Senior Clojure Engineer. We're mostly based on the east coast, but Perth should be fine (might need a little flex, but certainly not 3am 🙂). We've got offices in Sydney and Melbourne, but we've got folk based all over and even the people based there work more remotely than not. I've attached the job description. Give me a shout if you would like to apply or have any more questions.


Thanks @U01040R5CJY and @UB2GLDEN8 for your suggestions. I will take them on board.