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After 5 years freelancing I’m considering taking on a full-time job again. What companies do you know of that are using Clojure and who are great to work for? I live in Perth, Western Australia which is on the other side of the world to most places. So I’d have to be fully remote and mostly async (no 3am meetings). Are most Clojure teams remote these days, or do they situate themselves in the major cities?

Noah Bogart14:09:48

Might be worth checking out #jobs and #remote-jobs

Martynas Maciulevičius14:09:10

and #jobs-discuss

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The channels here are the single best source I know, followed by: - Brave Clojure jobs board (small but high quality) - FP-exclusive jobs: - the Hacker News monthly 'Who Is Hiring' thread is interesting because it's usually programmers posting about jobs, not HR flacks. (would be interested to hear about others) Remote seems to be pretty easy these days; async seems harder in my experience.


I know Reify is often hiring (see @U01KHKHGW9G’s post, they do hire across a wide range of time zones, and I can vouch for them personally as a good place to work.


Thanks everyone for the help. 👍


I could recommend Flexiana, also