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Is it just me or my configuration that makes eastwood's reporting look really poor? I have a long list of namespaces in my app which are linted and corresponding CI job fails if there's a problem. Somewhere in the middle of the process this is printed:

== Linting my.ns ==
src/my.ns.clj:99:9: wrong-pre-post: All function preconditions should be in a vector. Found: (set? input-arg).
Then at the end of the process:
== Warnings: 1. Exceptions thrown: 0
Subprocess failed (exit code: 1)
make[1]: *** [Makefile:39: check] Error 1
make: *** [Makefile:18: web] Error 2
(we run lein eastwood through Make. It is really hard to spot the error. You just see there was 1 warning but not where to look. How do people deal with this?


morning 👋 IDK, for example at the clojure-emacs org we run eastwood/others through Make and I don't recall the format being an issue (you might be able to peek at our circleci runs)


how much vertical distance is there between the "middle" and "end" of the process? Perhaps you could opt-in to make the format more concise somehow, so that it all is rendered together?

Noah Bogart12:09:49

I’ve run into this too and just gotten used to scanning quickly.