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question: would you chose to write clojure at a team with mostly maintenance work on a not so important project in the company's eye, or go out and seek a different position hoping to find one with exciting project and team even though it means you'd write java/c#


Maintenance work is ok, working on a project that a company doesn't consider to have much business value is a yellow flag

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especially early in your career. can really change the trajectory

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If it's the difference between getting professional Clojure experience and not, it's something to consider while still keeping an eye on the market.


I've been helping a lot of junior people I used to work with at a company that's collapsed with their resumes recently, and the biggest takeaway I can think of from this is, always know the business value of what you're working on


I've noticed a very clear correlation between that value, their knowledge of it, and how they're able to pivot that into future opportunities, including working with the language they want to work with

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thanks guys, i think I should really consider switching now. especially that there's not much clojure I can learn (team is composed of devs who write clojure only because it's what the system was written in..)


but to be honest it's a bit scary since i'm early in my career without any professional experience in other language then clojure (tiny bit of java and javascript but i don't want to do front end..) The thought of having to write java makes me sad.. But I guess it's probably the right thing to do in the long run.


be important to the business

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Uhm you can still try to do nice things with the existing clojure project, going above and beyond expectations there


Even though maybe it's not the main focus maybe someone will still notice you're doing a very good job there


It's maybe important to know some java as well though, also for your clojure career, everyone has to suffer eventually

Mario C.21:10:04

I wouldn't mind hopping on a Elixir/Phoenix project if I can't find another Clojure shop


@mario.cordova.862 That raises an interesting question for this community! If you lost your current Clojure job and you couldn't find another Clojure job, what would be your "next best tech" for you next job?


yes to kotlin


I would get a flock of sheep and tend to them

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I think I'd try to beef up my Kotlin and land a job doing that. I'd maybe consider a Scala job as a fallback.


(I've done Scala in production a bit, about a decade ago tho')


The thing with Scala for me, in a job, would be how it's used. I've seen it too often as OO Java with a slightly different syntax. I did some Scala professionally as well, post-learning Clojure, and it wasn't too bad if you take a functional approach.


Python focused on machine learning for me.


At my previous job I did maybe 1% clojure, and the rest all Java and Typescript -- lead me to focus my interest more in the non-coding parts like software architecture, tech leadership, etc, so I guess that's what I'd do

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