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meh, need to confess, that i had a break from 100-days-of-code since last saturday... 😕 i definitely will continue where i have stopped... i probably failed the challenge, but in order to establish the daily coding habit i'm probably going to continue with business as usual while documenting in journal and on twitter how my lazy unconcious self convinced me of slacking off xD. I'll spare you the bs-excuses, but to describe it in short: i fell back into my old habit of using the little time i have for just derping around reading stuff, watching videos and not actually coding.


so tonight, tonight (bernstein in my ears), I'm going to code again. maybe with my freshly installed spacemacs xD having still some troubles getting automatic parens balancing to work, i think i've missed something out, smart parens minor mode seems to be active but when i kill rest of line for example it just kills the rest of line w/o balancing parens like in this video (which isnt spacemacs but i'd like to have this kind of balancing...)

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@klaus.azesberger I think you need to set strict mode on for smartparents If you are having issues with Vim actions, eg. d d in vim normal state, killing parens, then you need to enable evil-cleaverparens

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thx! omg it actually was a classic case of "did you try to switch it off and on again?". just made sure i enabled strict mode - which it was and then tried to reproduce -> voila it works.


Day 40 I started coaching a new student in Clojure, they have never done any coding before but took to Clojure really well. I gave a little overview to Clojure and then we worked through some of the ClojureBridge London workshop. We found a few examples were not worded very well, so I updated them and pushed the changes. I also discovered hot to sett the size of images in org-mode using alt_org meta data directive, making it easier to keep larger images displayed by shrinking them down in size or making smaller images easier to see.


Day 41 suffered from quite a few Internet outages, so I created some Spacemacs screencasts as well as did updates to the book, including a Sayid debugger overview, vim reference guide updates and reorganising some of the vim tips I had.