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@ikitommi Hello! Just getting set up with compojure-api and having a strange error when trying to access the /swagger.json endpoint. My best guess is some version incompatibility in the Jackson libraries? I'm going to run on Datomic Ions, so I'm pinned at com.fasterxml.jackson.core/jackson-core {:mvn/version "2.9.5"}


@robert.mather.rmm it’s an issue in frankiesardo/linked, see DId a PR to fix that 3 months ago, not published yet. Feel free to poke Frankie to get it out. Meanwhile, adding direct dependency to a working fork should fix it: [ikitommi/linked "1.3.1-alpha1"].


@ikitommi Thank you sir, testing now.


@ikitommi Didn't work on first pass, looking into the tools.deps dependency tree now


@ikitommi Tested and working after adding explicit exclusion on the other one. Thanks so much! That would have taken me hours to find on my own.


Has anyone used compojure-api behind AWS API Gateway, or any situation where your sites root is actually on a subroute? Swagger-ui isn't working for me and I think it's because it assumes it's hosted on the root.


there is :basePath property in the swagger spec for that.


great, thanks