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ReasonML 😛

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@seancorfield I took a job doing systems/infrastructure. It felt kinda bad that I finally got a call back with a remote Clojure offer after I already started at the new job.


Elixir if I stay on the backend, ReasonML / Elm if I switch more to frontend stuff maybe


definitively not Scala, that's for sure


Something with rust, either back-end or web-assembly probably. But for now I'm stuck with Java..


Good team, sense of direction, management which has a clue => good product. Absence of these can’t be fixed with a nicer language, at least for me

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Sam H10:10:25

what sort of questions would you ask in a interview to help identify these points in a company?


It’s hard if you’re interviewing for a non-management position. You have to be able to talk to “business” people - much easier in a small company. Have to understand the product, the business model, whether software is acknowledged as the crucial part of the business. What’s the employee churn rate, what does a common day look like from an employee in a position similar you’re to what you’re being hired to do.

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Yeah, a lot of people tend to forget that an interview should be a two-way process and that you are interviewing the company, just as much as they are interviewing you.

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(but my question was intended to focus on just the tech, to see where folks would turn their attention if Clojure jobs were no longer available -- most people start by looking for "X jobs" for some tech X 🙂 )

Eric Ervin23:10:49

When the interview process is a mess, I feel like I've learned about the managers.

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I think I'd aim for Rust or Haskell


re "next best tech", I did leave a really awesome Clojure job and now I work primarily in Haskell. No way I would have done it to work in Java, Scala, or Kotlin.

Eric Ervin23:10:39

I saw that language move on Github and it made me go hmmm...


That's cool. But I'd imagine Haskell jobs are even rarer than Clojure jobs?


i left a c# job for clojure


I took a ColdFusion job and turned it into a Clojure job :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


Cool! How did you pull that off? Could you please elaborate (at least a little bit) on this point?


I've been senior enough in companies for the last couple of decades to be able to either drive or at least strongly influence technology direction. When I was Macromedia's Senior Software Architect, I introduced an MQ message hub and coordinated changes across every division of the company to route all sales and support information through that system, and I drove their selection of web frameworks and coding standards etc as well. At World Singles Networks, I was hired in because of my (ColdFusion) experience -- which started at Macromedia after they acquired Allaire back in 2001! -- but introduced Scala as an experiment to attempt to solve a particularly thorny problem the company had had for a while, and then introduced Clojure as an alternative for that problem solution and encouraged other developers to learn it too.


World Singles still uses Clojure, right?


About 83K lines of it, yeah 🙂


that seems to be a tough part: after you've been clojure for a while it can be tough to get it back into other styles of programming


Yeah, I didn't go out and seek a Haskell job. It found me 🙂.


From a recruiter recently, "Would Java be a deal breaker?"


Well yeah...


After saying I happily left it behind for Clojure 🙂


Ha! funny how they preempted it: "Is shoveling shit a deal breaker?"

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this and compensation expectations are the first things I get out of the way with anyone who wants me to come shovel shit for them


@the2bears That tends to be my response to recruiters coming at me with Java jobs...

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I especially love the ruby people on this front because they think that somehow Ruby would be more appealing to me than clojure


and simply cannot understand why it isn't


@mattly That's partly because a lot of people come from Ruby to Clojure and they see similarities (that non-Ruby people often do not).


yeah I know


Erlang job market seems booming. I get tons of inquiries for it lately. Prolly an elixir side effect.


elixir is definitely booming


I know a lot of ex-ruby people headed that way


I guess being based in sweden doesn't hurt either


I've gone from a 100% Clojure job to a 50/50 Clojure/Ruby job and I'm not enjoying the Ruby half very much


I’m at 100% ruby right now. I’d love to be doing 50/50 🙂


Interesting question: My "next best tech" for my next job/project would probably be Kotlin or Elixir. Two years ago I went from 100% Clojure to Java 7 + Spring 3 and a depression 😆 (many factors were involved obviously, not just Java) Now working on an interesting greenfield project using Java>=8 + Vavr + Spring Reactor I have to admit I'm doing fine. We're slowly introducing Kotlin in new services and I'm lurking to eventually add Clara rules as a dependency on one particular service 😈

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I know that depression feeling. Struggling with bad tools all day can drain your ability to think in the evenings, too, turning otherwise manageable problems into a tailspin fast. I had that kind of thing combined with a heavy-duty fly-in fly-out five-days-a-week travel project, on two separate occasions. Never again; it is not good for my health.


Elixir is pretty good coming from a Ruby background. It doesn’t match clj or Java in performance but does great for certain things.