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@kwladyka bet to get feedback from your target audience 😉


which might not be other developers


just sayin’


well how to get this feedback? Also on the end it looks like that: girls from office put CV on slack and ask developers “Do you want to work with him?“ 😉


get feedback by using it on players with checkbooks


Will leave some feedback privately (as it might not be optimal to 'criticize' publicly)


other developers are frequently the readers of your resume


that's what makes it tricky, you have to find a balance with what an engineer is looking for and what HR is looking for


+1 Also developers tend to have a good idea of what works / doesn't


@kwladyka is it ok to give feedback in a thread?


That would make it easier to collect instead of several people giving the same feedback.


> that's what makes it tricky, you have to find a balance with what an engineer is looking for and what HR is looking for have different CVs optimized for first contact (HR or CTO?) and stack (highlighting Clojure or e.g. Java?) same goes for cover letters. Of course the point being: ability to pass the first filter. You can guess who the first filter is (are you being handed a direct email address? or a Workable link)


@sveri sure it can be in thread


Having some kind of mission statement can transmit good things. But that might be more like cover-letter material. Or at least place it at the bottom Sometimes you might not have the chance to include cover-letter, so you can have alternative versions with/without mission stmt


^ a resume is not the place to sell a language


if you're joining a team that's already using clojure there's no need to convince them to use it


if you're joining a non-clojure shop, then no one's looking to reconsider a tech stack from reading a resume


Perfect not. I could upload a resume that I used, but its in german. I dont have a cover letter handy right now.


> In germany we have an application that consists of one page where you describe who you are and what you did, it should be kept short and relevant to the job you are applying to. I would like to learn that part


Thank you all for help! Especially @vemv, he wrote me long feedback on priv

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I'd also spent some time googling and pick the good parts.


oh by short i thought 1 page CV or something like that


It depends and also changes over time.


But looks very clear


heh my conclusion is: when you try to update your CV after a few years. Start write it from the beginning instead of modify old one 😉

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for recruiters sending canned emails saying they're impressed in your background/github/experience/linkedin, has anyone tried asking what in particular they found impressive?

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actually I did, one day when I felt like being evil


they said uni degree, and experience length


It didn’t sound like a stock answer, but rather like the guy didn’t expect anyone to ask him and so just responded using the criteria he was asked to filter on.


I was hoping to learn what features of my cv stand out to potential employers but it looks like recruiters are hired to be spam monkeys (maybe there are some better ones out there but I’ve never met any).


Even a large company I talked to had first line sales (recruiters who spam profiles on linkedin, then talk on the phone to sell you the company) and second line (people who actually set you up with interviews, provide advice and so on)


I'm kinda curious what the stock answers are there


"I'm really impressed how you started working at, Inc. in April 2016"


@scriptor I’ve always taken it to mean they think they found a person with the qualifications for the role they had intended for you


i.e., it’ll pass whatever filter there is on the end client’s side and get to an interview. half the battle won


I've taken it as the default approach. Like everybody writes in his application that he is a teamplayer, flexible, open, bla bla bla.


As tempting as it is, its hard to write that you have a hard time getting up, but after the first coffe and 20 emails later you can actually start working, if there wasnt that stupid daily coming in your way. Its like if the recruiter wrote. Hey there, after a dreadful day I found your profile with the help of some query that a friend of a friend of mine actually send me and you seem to be worth a shot for this company that pays me not enough to survive and not enough to die, so please respond soon 😄

Daniel Hines21:04:48

@kwladyka, thanks for putting yourself out there. It's helpful for someone transitioning careers to see what I should be aiming for.