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Has anyone met this situation?


$ lein figwheel                                                                                
Figwheel: Cleaning because dependencies changed                                                
Figwheel: Cutting some fruit, just a sec ...                                                   
Figwheel: Validating the configuration found in project.clj                                    


The stack trace is, as they are, long, but passes through figwheel-sidecar among other places.


Seeing it with Java 1.10 / Clojure 1.8 / fighwheel 0.5.10; still working on checking other versions, etc.


....definitely something cool on my end. But what.


Ahh. Okay: I've nested my cljsbuild spec inside a profile. If I move the whole thing outside the profile, I get a very polite error message asserting a key is missing. So. Just an odd edge-case with the error reporting + missing a key.

Daniel Hines18:04:21

I'm working on an existing project in Angular that uses ngrx, which is essentially just a Redux implementation (unfortunately, I don't have the pleasure of using ClojureScript on this project). The ngrx team doesn't see the point of hot module replacement, but a couple people have built their own implementations. One of them just serializes everything and sticks it in local storage, and then re-hydrates it when the new code is loaded. Off the top of your heads, is there anything inherently wrong with that approach?