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norman14:04:43 is the main Java meetup. It’s not terribly exciting these days, but lots of recruiters post there. The Austin JVM meetup ( has fewer job leads but probably is a little better for networking and quality job leads.


I wish we had some local Clojure jobs to point her to.


Yeah I remember talking to y'all about how competitive that market is. But she's not a clojure developer so I was just seeing if there was anything in other languages there


On the JVM side of things, Scala is pretty popular here. Other than that Austin has pretty much gone over to javascript.


One for aspiring and seasoned remote workers alike -> tldr: working 4h/d tends to be optimal for STEM My remote experience tends to be aligned with that. Sadly I keep meeting seasoned devs offering/demanding 7-8 h/d. Personally I've come to the point where that is unbearable (with exceptions, e.g. I'm new to a stack or there's a serious non-self-imposed deadline) In case anyone appreciates the advise, never stop improving your toolchain 🙂 continuous improvement in emacs/git/$your_stack can compound tremendously over the years.

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I find 4 hours is about right too if I’m focused on coding. I’m most productive in the afternoon as well.


obviously if I have other stuff going on then working 8 hours is ok too.


but 4 hours of coding is basically the most productive time. Outside of that I can get stuff done but it’s not as productive.