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@joshkh lisp-mode is the default structural editing tool in Spacemacs. If you want to learn how to use Spacemacs the Vim way, then I recommend learning to use SPC k . You can call lisp-mode commands (essentially smartparens) from any editing mode using M-m k. If you want to use Spacemacs the Emacs way (only in edit mode). You could add Emacs style keybindings for smartparens (or paredit, which is included in the Clojure layer). I did this initially, then found lisp-mode was more productive for me.


Is there any way to make Emacs/Spacemacs window on Mac listen to window managers like Magnet?


I have no idea what Magnet is, but you can make Emacs do pretty much anything you want it to do by directly calling emacsclient with specific parameters


pass -e (my-function) and it will evaluate it


is magnet a good window manager?


@UA2R84M28 Emacs works perfectly with Spectacle, another window manager


worked! brilliant!