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Hi @dustingetz - any onboarding invites left? 🙂

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Dustin Getz13:05:50

Added you to the next wave, I'll reach out soon!

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I would like one to!

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please 🙂

Dustin Getz13:05:50

Added you to the list, what's your full name? A website or linkedin link would help as well so I have more context

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I'll PM you

Mert Nuhoglu13:05:49

Hi @dustingetz I am a newcomer to Clojure. I am still studying some Clojure tools. Currently, I have been focusing into Datomic/Datalog libraries. Next, I will start studying Missionary. If having a newcomer might be useful for testing Photon, I would be more than happy to participate in the on-boarding program. I have a lot of free time currently and in the next months. So, I am willing to dedicate a good of amount of it to studying and developing Photon apps.

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Dustin Getz13:05:10

I'll add you to the list!

Mert Nuhoglu13:05:48

Thank you very much. Appreciated :thumbsup:

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Debdut Karmakar14:05:39

Hey @dustingetz can I get an invite ps?🥹

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Petrus Theron21:05:23

How do I get an invite, plz?

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