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Nom Nom Mousse05:05:30

After I use load-file I do not see any autocompletion for the loaded namespace in the REPL. Like I load-file

(ns rules)

(def cursive "is great") 
and there is no autocomplete for rules/cursive afterward. Is this something you might consider adding?


That should definitely work, I’ll check it when I’m back at my computer.

Nom Nom Mousse09:05:11

Perhaps it has to do with my project code or setup then.


@U0232JK38BZ u should have a module defined for your clojure project as either a Clojure / Leiningen or Clojure / Deps type. you should check out the Cursive User Guide on the topic: also the next, BUILD TOOLS section is useful to really understand what's all this extra complexity is about. eg, the section about using deps.edn file based Clojure projects is what you want to learn probably:

Nom Nom Mousse11:05:53

Thanks, I'll look into it. Perhaps part of the problem is that my file is not on the classpath. I evaluate the ns myself with load-file.