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New library to perform some actions and init some data in compile-time, e.g. set var with git commit info

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Ben Sless10:05:09

How does it differ from the #= reader macro?


Do you mean tagged literals? Well, you should define them first


No, not tagged literals. #= is an eval dispatch tag, or whatever it's called, implemented by EvalReader. Its corresponding form is evaluated at read time but only if *read-eval* is set to true.


Hm. Didn't know about it

Ben Sless12:05:40

It's one of the least used reader tags


Also not documented. And probably for a good reason. :)


What would be the good reason? 🙂


Misuse. It's one of those features that look simple and really useful on the surface but in reality there are a lot of things to consider and usually some different tool would be more appropriate.


symspell-clj 0.4.3 is released. It is a fast spell checker for Clojure that can spell-check English words and sentence. It does some sensible things such as word segmentation, avoiding spell-checking email addresses and numbers, preserve cases, and so on.

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