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hi folks, how to please clojurescript and javascript and generate #js literal string with " inside ? The code below pleases clojure but generates throws unknow identifier caboom on js side

(js/console.log #js {"maybe identifier \"caboom\" " true})


I think you need two more backslashes before each backslash

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That's it! Thank you @dnolen

Quentin Le Guennec14:05:31

Hello, since we updated to 1.11.4, set! on functions doesn't work anymore. It seems that it has to exactly match the arity configuration of the set'ed function, otherwise Object.keys(re_frame.core.subscribe) returns an empty array. It used to work, was that an intended change? (we use set! on library functions for debugging purposes)


@quentin.leguennec1 can you be more clear, set! on functions doesn't really make sense to me


do you mean set! to reset a var which happens to be a function?

Quentin Le Guennec11:05:18

in that specific case, re-frame.core/subscribe which maps to re_frame.core.subscribe in javascript


fwiw, if you are set! -ing at the REPL it should work, if you're talking about optimized fns builds (which include :advanced) this was never something that was supposed to work, and if it did work that was accident and not going to change anything here.


I've just released ClojureScript 1.11.51, before a bigger announce it be helpful for folks who have time to give it a try

Linus Ericsson22:05:41

I have a strange problem with citrus/rum where the args to the defc components aren't "delivered " correctly.

Linus Ericsson22:05:49

When I downgrade to cljs 1.11.4 everything works as expected.

Linus Ericsson23:05:17

The smallest example would be: (ns frontlyft.repro (:require [citrus.core :as citrus] [goog.dom :as dom] [rum.core :as rum])) (defn control [event args state] {:state (update state :number (fnil 0 inc))}) (defonce reconciler (citrus/reconciler {:state (atom {}) :controllers {:repro control} :effect-handlers {}})) (rum/defc smol-component < rum/reactive [r] [:div [:h1 "smoll life"] [:p (str (rum/react (citrus/subscription r [:repro :number])) )]]) (defn ^:export run [m] ;; (let [r reconciler]) (rum/hydrate (smol-component reconciler) (dom/getElement "app"))) where there obv is a webserver responing with a html page with an "app" tag, and running a{}) stacktrace Uncaught Error: Assert failed: (instance? r/Reconciler reconciler) cljs$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$3 core.cljs:117 citrus$core$subscription core.cljs:117 cljs$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$2 core.cljs:128 citrus$core$subscription core.cljs:117 smol_component repro.cljs:17 cljs$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$3 core.cljs:3941 cljs$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$2 core.cljs:3936 cljs$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$2 core.cljs:3971 cljs$core$apply core.cljs:3962 render core.cljs:208 reactive core.cljs:424 build_class core.cljs:112 React 17 rum$core$hydrate core.cljs:287 frontlyft$repro$run repro.cljs:26 <anonymous> (index):6 core.cljs:117 The assertation is: Buildscript: {:main frontlyft.repro :asset-path "/js/frontlyft/compiled/out" :output-to "cljs-resources/public/js/frontlyft/compiled/frontlyft.js" :output-dir "cljs-resources/public/js/frontlyft/compiled/out" :language-in :ecmascript-next :warnings true :language-out :no-transpile} The app starts when i replace r with reconciler (ie don't care about about the argument passed to smol-component, I assume some part of cljs has changed so that citrus (or rum) get broken. Make this could happen orthers as well..

Linus Ericsson23:05:53

I can send a whole project.clj file but not here.


I would report this to rum project first


If you want to pinpoint the commit that breaks for you that would be a good first step


There are not that many commits so a git bisect should be pretty quick


I’m getting Could not locate vendor/bridge__init.class, vendor/bridge.clj or vendor/bridge.cljc on classpath


when starting a project from figwheel


That one seems a bit odd since no one reported that and I did some basic checking, can you look inside the jar and confirm it is missing?


But will double check later


yeah I see the cljs/vendor/bridge.clj file


I’m using lein let me try with deps


Huh I didn't test with lein - but that would be odd


Damn same problem


Now I’ll look at the deps tree for strange stuff


Hold on I think I may be onto it. It’s probably not a problem on your end


Actually I’m wrong. The problem is still happening. So I guess I’ll just explore some more


happy to fix it up - not a surprise is something snuck through, might be cool to just dummy check w/ ClojureScript by itself too


clj -M -m cljs.main -co build.edn -r etc.


Yeah its the loading of figwheel that’s the problem.


Cool, I’ll look into this more in the morning.


 "Execution error (FileNotFoundException) at cljs.repl/repl* (repl.cljc:1060).\nCould not locate vendor/bridge__init.class, vendor/bridge.clj or vendor/bridge.cljc on
  :clojure.error/line 1060,
  "Could not locate vendor/bridge__init.class, vendor/bridge.clj or vendor/bridge.cljc on classpath.",
  :clojure.error/symbol cljs.repl/repl*,
  :clojure.error/source "repl.cljc",
  :clojure.error/phase :execution},


anyway, tomorrow will be a better time for me to look at this


I’m thinking now that the relative path loading is failing for some reason and that an absolute classpath relative path may fix it


(clojure.core/load "vendor/bridge")


I just couldn’t stop working on it. I know I should but …


do you have a fix feel free to propose


a lot of the Clojure 1.11 functionality has been ported over - but also we've vendorized many dependencies to avoid some of the yucky AOT conflict problems that have been reported over the years

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