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@denis.mccarthy.kerry I think if you're experienced with React already, then helix will provide you a smoother experience building a new application IMHO


if you're new to both React and ClojureScript, I think re-frame and reagent will provide you an easier time getting started


if you're planning for building for the long term, I do believe that helix provides a more stable and performant base to build on and will ensure you can adopt new React features without breaking changes in helix's API


Lindy effect disagrees 🙂


Tilton's Effect says who the Hell put FB engineers in charge of UIs? React is fading already. Suspense will be its Waterloo. Come on, Clojure Dart! :)


Not who, what. Marketing. My so-called leads are suggesting the use of tools that they have never used but they are not new and are popular, so they must be good. That seems to have been the case for some time now, there was more work than experienced people and those inexperienced mistakenly look for the most popular to be safe.


It even has a name 'industry standard'. Even though there is no actual standard, we are just talking about popular practices associated with certain tools, e.g. snapshot testing or shallow testing, both are a complete waste of time, but are widely assumed as indispensable.


tbh at this point I'd rather be exploring building UIs on something other than the web, but as long as I am, React is v economical


been thinking about finding time to create a binding to solidjs tho

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Holy wow, did not have solidjs on my radar. Gotta get out more often. Thx! reads a page of solidjs doc WTF decide <anglebrackets>are the way anybody wants to program</anglebrackets>? And it still has all they did was lose VDOM? Great but.... #pro_tip from COBOL, CICS, and VSAM: popularity and three bucks will get you a latte.

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"Not who, what. Marketing." Sure, @U0VQ4N5EE, My question implicitly was, why are known free spirits like Clojurians all lined up behind React? It is not even reactive, as they now admit and kinda brag.


the top-level API of solidjs is similar to React, but the "hooks" are compiled to fine-grained reactive values instead of like a condition system that React uses


Maybe clojurians are not as much a free spirit individually as you would expect? I have been following the scene without being part of it since 2013 and apart from a couple leading individuals, everyone else I talked to deferred to authority/popularity constantly. And, while I don't like React much, it has 2 things going for it that explains why its popular: 1. forgiving, you can get usable UI out of it even if you are doing almost everything wrong 2. simple API


yeah, I personally love the react model, its quite similar to old server side rendering in the sense you never have to think about transitons, while has a great component composition story IMO. Im not familiar with solidjs but seems interesting to look


huh, looked at the first paragraph of the solidjs docs and my mind immediately went to Meteor.js's 2-part reactive vars in reactive contexts.


<racks brain around how Tracker.autorun(,,,) worked>


ofc I've now worked in enough declining frameworks that everything looks like everything if I squint hard enough


jack black's character in "high fidelity" but for UI frameworks instead of bands

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Thanks for the feedback, I'll give helix a whirl and see how I get on 👍