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Adam Helins10:02:41

I cannot find anything about that, maybe some of you smart people will have an insight :thinking_face: I'm consuming a Java lib in a Clojure program that does some networking using NIO ; compiling successfully to a native image. When running, more precisely when java.nio.channels.Selector is .wakeup , it crashes:

#error {
 :cause Bad file descriptor
 [{:type java.lang.InternalError
   :message Bad file descriptor
   :at [ wakeup 295]}
   :message Bad file descriptor
   :at [ jniInvoke_VA_LIST:Ljava_io_IOException_2_0002e_0003cinit_0003e_00028Ljava_lang_String_2_00029V 0]}]
 [[ jniInvoke_VA_LIST:Ljava_io_IOException_2_0002e_0003cinit_0003e_00028Ljava_lang_String_2_00029V 0]
  [ write1 -1]
  [ wakeup 293]


@adam678 I recommend posting this in the graalvm community slack as this might be a graalvm bug. Or open an issue about it directly

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