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Daniel Slutsky14:02:50

This Nov. 27th workshop was supposed to be a basic intro to However, on short notice, the library author @carsten.behring was able to add an amazing presentation at the end, touching upon more advanced topics and future directions. Many thanks to Carsten and to Elena Machkasova for the great moderation. The intro part that I gave was based on a joint project with @ezmiller77 and @sakalli.

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Daniel Slutsky14:02:46

Here are two #visual-tools videos from the November workshops: Nov. 28th -- Notespace: A general overview of the (alpha stage) Notespace v4. Nov. 29th -- Oz: Many thanks, @metasoarous, for this deep dive into the amazing developments in the new Oz.

Daniel Slutsky14:02:54

In this Nov. 30th workshop, @neo2551 gave an intro to Linear Algebra and to the Neanderthal library. Devid teaches Linear Algebra concepts from scratch, in an intuitive way, through Clojure functions and visual examples. Many thanks to David and to @mchampine for the thoughtful moderation.


Hi all, Currently, a very large part of Flexianas employees are based in Latin America. One thing I noticed when talking to the team was the lack of active virtual networking events for clojurians from the region as well as most virtual networking events being in English. So we created a group on meetup where some events will be in Portuguese and others in Spanish, some educational and others for socialisation. So if you are from the region, I invite you to join this group and we will update it with event info in the coming weeks: Cheers!

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Nick McAvoy01:02:06

Very exciting! More motivation for me to work on my Spanish.

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Diego Naya12:02:59

There is an existing telegram group for those Spanish speaking individuals interested in Clojure


Happy to hear that guys! Thanks @U02RB02L398, I joined the group and saw you posted it there. Appreciate it!

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