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Did anyone have an issue with s/conform? It works fine but adds +18 extra Mbs to the binary file (in my case, at least). I need to parse some arbitrary data that comes from the user's input.


Namely, I'm parsing arbitrary CLI options. yes I know there is , but it requires the opts to be declared in advance. In my case, the opts are arbitrary


And the same for s/valid?: if I put this line no matter how complex a spec is, it gives +18 Mbs to the file


@igrishaev Yes, this is why I recommend to place specs in an optional-to-load namespace


The issue you're pointing to is about CLJ-1472 which was an issue in Clojure that didn't let you use GraalVM with spec at all. This is now solved.


yes, that's right. Well, I've figured out with a primitive state-machine parser