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Ivan Fedorov10:12:46

Is rocks db still supported for XTDB? and if yes – does your rocks-db dep include a librocksdbjni-osx.jnilib built for arm64e? Just upgraded to this new Apple silicon laptop and the 2020s Crux failing to start because of this dep.


> Is rocks db still supported for XTDB Most certainly, yes! But unfortunately the Java bindings for Rocks don't play ball on ARM yet (upstream is working on it) - see

Ivan Fedorov11:12:00

Thanks! Currently found a workaround, which is to use a non-native java binary

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Great! Is that for Rocks? Which one is that?

Ivan Fedorov11:12:19

I mean, I’m using a non-native JDK itself, so then everything works through Rosetta and rocks works too.

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ahh, java binary as in JDK binary 😄


We're waiting patiently for this as well; running the JVM in intel-emulation mode (rosetta 2) is so slow. (I.e. the M1 Max really spoils you quickly.)

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Just a heads up: the Articles and Bibliography links here are invalid:


hey, thanks for mentioning - I'll try to get these fixed this afternoon. The links are both on here (although we renamed Articles to Concepts, so I suppose the prose needs updating also :thinking_face:)

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