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Ben Sless16:12:16

Idea - charset predicate for string schemas (alpha, alphanumeric, etc)

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Look good. The cljs-support would be really good as I think these will be used a lot.


any change of adding those too?

Ben Sless20:12:40

Theoretically, yes, practically, my knowledge in cljs is limited and we've seen how some of the techniques I'm used to from clj don't work well for cljs. Also worried about code size This will require more careful review on your end, but I don't mind giving it a shot

Ben Sless21:12:23

Okay, my cljs tests are failing and setting up a REPL environment is a pain. Will leave it to tomorrow

Ben Sless09:12:15

@U055NJ5CC added cljs implementation


partywombat commented.

Ben Sless10:12:37

Agreed with most comments but I think there are some edge cases regarding blankness and nil