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Braden Shepherdson18:12:36

so I've made a lot of progress getting CLJS compilation working under Bazel. I'm struggling with the core libraries though. here's the situation: • the desired output is -O none Closure JS files, so CLJS code can be included in larger (Closure-powered) builds that will be optimized later. • that works fine for my own app namespace • that code depends on cljs.core and possibly clojure.string etc. I'm struggling to compile those outputs nicely. should I do a -O none --compile clojure.string for each core namespace, or is there a nicer way?

Braden Shepherdson19:12:37

bigger question: is that even a supported operation? or should I be intending to make the clojurescript compiler the final compiler of my CLJS and Closure JS? (that's not ideal, but probably practical for my immediate use case.)