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Thanks @daslu I was hoping to find out if it’s possible to have one section perform a calculation. For example in Clojure. Then another section, in say, ClojureScript, could pick up the result and use it. Does anybody know if such a thing is possible?

Daniel Slutsky09:10:02

Hi @dotemacs. Regarding the original Gorilla REPL, my guess is it would not be possible, because its browser side is written in Javascript. About Pink-Gorilla: the main user interface under development is in the project called Goldly. It is still work in progress, and it will probably take a few months before the author officially releases it. But it is already useful and very interesting to play with. As far as I remember, it does support mixing Clojure with Clojurescript. I'm not sure how comfortable it is to pass data between them. Another tool that supports such a mix is Saite by @jsa-aerial. There, it is indeed possible to pass data from Clojure to Clojurescript.

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@dotemacs Also, I would suggest as a much better venue for Q/A on this. Or more specifically for Saite Zulip is where the Clojure datascience folks hang out and that is where these sort of tools are mostly discussed/used


I didn't even know this channel existed. I got a notification from slackbot about @daslu mentioning me here! 🙂


Thanks @jsa-aerial I’ll try it tomorrow! (About Zulip and a bit off topic: I have an account on Zulip, but find the UI super confusing. Like trying to type on a laptop whilst on a rollercoaster, whilst upside down. I know some Clojurists started to move their chat to Discord…)


@dotemacs I agree the Zulip UI ergonomics is not great and takes some getting used to. But Slack (and Ryver) also suck. There are three good things about Zulip though. Streams with topic threads turns out to be quite useful. All history is saved and searchable in various ways. Clojure datascience has made it our home! 🙂

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